Seven New Things to Try In Bed

No matter what your sex style is, there is always something fun and exciting to try with your partner. Below are new things to try in bed.

Wear Your Birthday Suit to Bed

Getting completely naked removes the barrier to sex. Basically, if you snuggle up together in bed, you’ll not only notice your partner’s body, but you’ll also be more comfortable with your body too. This will inspire you into something great and exciting.

Touch Yourself

To keep things golden in bed, you don’t have to wait for your partner to makes things happen. Touching yourself for pleasure allows you to stay connected to what feels mesmerizing for your body. You will get more comfortable with your body, engage with your preferences, and connect to your arousal. These things will benefit your partner as well since you can share them to help bring a new level of intimacy into your foreplay.

Try a sixty-nine

If you and your partner give each other the sixty-nine position oral sex, you are likely to achieve multiple orgasms. There is something about receiving and giving simultaneous oral pleasure that makes the orgasm more intense and stronger.

Handcuff him

Handcuffs are a tremendous introductory tool to bondage play. Cuffs prevent your partner from directing you and allow you to be in full control! Paired with the blindfold, you will have your partner mind blown. The essential thing to remember when shopping for handcuffs is to go for the softer variety that is lined with fur, to prevent injuring your wrists while you are having wild sex.

Anal beads

Although it is not for everyone, anal beads can really trigger some fantastic orgasms, especially for men. The male G-spot is easily accessed through the anus, making anal beads an extremely sexually stimulating thing for men.

Make love (seriously)

When was the last time you felt that you’ve really made love? Sure, you have had sex, but when was the last time you took your time to caress each other, kiss on the neck when in action, and truly worshiped each other sensually? It’s essential to create time for intimate relations that will bring the real sensation of making love.

Invite another couple over

While you may enjoy each other’s company, you can discuss having a same-room play with your friends (a couple). Doing so gives a greater perspective on everything, can lead to better friendships; it is super exciting and can promote communication before, during, and after sex.

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